…fresh apple cider. It’s that time of the year when I like to imbibe on fresh, cold, delicious apple cider. It’s a seasonal favorite that’s usually easy to find around here, but my two favorite sources have recently closed. These have been family orchards for decades and sadly one that’s been around for generations lost enough of their trees to some fungal infection that they were forced to close for good. The other, also a small family orchard finally ran out of family to run the place when the matriarch passed away earlier this year.

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Locating a new supply that can be trusted to provide safe to drink cider feels like a challenge. I won’t buy apple cider in a grocery store. Real apple cider isn’t pasteurized which means it doesn’t last as long as apple juice which is filtered and pasteurized giving it a longer shelf life. I prefer apple cider and we usually go through about five gallons of the sweet stuff each season, most for drinking and some for cooking.

Today’s task will take us on a journey out in the county looking for signs proclaiming, “Fresh Apple Cider”. Wish me luck!