Today was the court appointed deadline for Elon Musk to complete his $44 billion dollar purchase of Twitter capping off a months-long saga that began in April when he originally signed a deal to acquire the company. Musk backed out of the deal in July after accusing the company of failing to provide enough information about bot accounts. 

As a longtime user of that platform I hoped that the asshole boy wonder would be permitted to weasel out of the purchase. But that wasn’t to be and Musk has taken charge and fired the excutive staff (as promised). Where the venture goes from here is unknown, but my interest in the platform has been falling for some time and this was the final kick in the pants required for me to delete my only social media account and finally be done with it.

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I expect this to have little impact on blogging efforts here as traffic from Twitter has been in steady decline. I’d even hazard a guess that having one less distraction might actually be good for this mission to build a big, beautiful, wall — of unadorned text about my adventures as a short-wave radio operator.