Leroy: It’s a shame that CW has become a dying mode. Try as you might it’s harder than heck to scare up even one CW contact these days. I blame FT8 for this, it’s just pathetic.

Dave: What are you talking about? The CQ WW DX CW contest is coming up soon. It’s one of the most heavily participated events in amateur radio, the bands will be filled with CW signals for an entire weekend. It’s literally a smorgasboard of Morse code.

Leroy: Oh I don’t do contests, I hate them almost as much as State QSO Parties and Field Day. All that noise and the bands stacked deep with people calling ‘CQ’. Using a LOT of power too. No, I hideout on the WARC bands during big contest weekends, it’s quiet there. Look, I’m just saying CW is dead and FT8 killed it. Know what I mean?

Dave: Sigh.