KI2D recently announced he’s testing a new tool for summarizing your data for the annual DX Marathon. The browser-based tool works on all platforms and the data remains on your computer with the output showing up in your browser.

I tested this by first creating an ADIF file from my main log (MacLoggerDX) for all contacts made this year. Next step was visiting the tool Web site:

Two seconds after pointing to the ADIF I had a nice looking summary of my DX footprint for 2022 in my Web browser.

The tool helps you figure out your score, select the best QSO for each entity and zone, validate them against AD1C Country File data, and export it in a way that can be used for your final submission.

Keep in mind it’s an alpha version still being tested and the author is looking for feedback if you spot problems. The first time I ran the tool I got no output. A quick email netted a fast change and then positive results so your mileage may vary.

The DX Marathon is an annual contest sponsored by CQ Magazine.

Starting January 1 of each year, the DX Marathon is the perfect answer for the DX-er who needs that extra incentive to get on the air every day! Simply work as many countries and CQ Zones as you can in each calendar year, regardless of the band or mode. Each country and zone counts only once, so you can concentrate on working new ones rather than working the same ones on multiple bands and modes. Many awards are given for the top overall scores in four classes plus top scores in modes, bands, US call areas and more!

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