It started when Pete, N4ZR asked if anyone had contact info for OL7D. Turns out that call sign had recently appeared in the WAE RTTY but since that station’s QRZ entry lacks a Detail Page all of the Reverse Beacon Network spots for it are being mapped to Antarctica at 0 degrees.

The problem is that right now every spot of them is in Antarctica. They display as a set of vertical lines from each spotter, down to somewhere on the Antarctic continents where they all turn east or west to 0 degrees longitude. Really messes up the map.

It appears that when no grid square is present in its database, QRZ sends AA0aa, which is in Antarctica. This needs to be corrected because while not having a grid on QRZ’s Details page is rare, it is not unheard of.

Most DX stations (outside of North America) aren’t listed in the QRZ database until they submit their information. This was the case originally with OL7D. The operators HAVE listed their information with others, for whatever reason, but did not originally do so with QRZ. So there is a real possibility of legitimate calls not listed, or not listed with full information.

I guess the old adage is true; everybody has to be somewhere…