I haven’t played in a K1USN SST (Slow Speed Sprint) in several months. Too many other things crowded out the twice a week, hour-long sprint. The weird thing about it, I really do enjoy these events. I told my wife that I was blocking out everything from 4-5pm today so nothing would prevent it.

And there I was, at the appointed hour all ready to go. I had even updated the N1MM+ logging application because it had been months since I last opened it and I’ve been caught too many times at “go time” needing an overdue software update.

I was ready to roll.

And then I discovered a major malfunction in my plans. With the time change back to EST I should have been in the shack an hour earlier.

Nothing to do but make the best of it! I had about 15 minutes to make a few contacts before the window closed. I ended up with 12 contacts in 10 states all on twenty-meters. My score was pitiful but what else can you do besides better clock management next time.