Approaching the Winter solstice there’s suddenly talk about a Siberian cold front moving into this area late next week. One forecast even suggests four or five inches of snow a week from today. I suppose we will have to wait and see though it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to have snow on the ground for Christmas.

The solstice often brings with it a little magic on 6 meters and I’ve noticed activity being reported recently by several of the DX journals. Having just read about ZLs being worked on 50MHz by stations in my own region, I thought it time to begin making nightly checks on the band again. All has been quiet for the last week or so at my QTH and then last night I was greeted by signals — which can be a little jarring having become accustomed to silence.

There was no trans-pacific DX waiting for me last night, but I did manage to work a Canadian and a few 1’s up east around 2300z. Nothing new and desperately needed though it was the first six meter action (other than local stuff) logged here since back in the summer.

I plan to keep checking, just in case. The Magic Band often produces smiles a week or so before and after the solstice, perhaps a holiday gift from the gods of propagation?