The big winter storm rolled through here was as disruptive as had been predicted. The bitter cold temps and windy conditions conspired to make life here particularly miserable. The good news was that my biggest fear, downed power lines causing us to lose power, didn’t come to pass. I’ve literally worried myself sick with concern about losing power. Life without lights, television, and the internet is nothing – trying to survive -35F wind chills with no power is a whole other thing.

Fortunately, we have lived to tell this story and it seems the worst may have past though I hope Santa is wearing his long johns tonight as it’s still brutal cold outside.

We did have to deal with a frozen water line that required some scrambling and a strategically placed space heater to get things running again. While inconvenient it was a real nothing-burger when compared to what could have been…

I hope this finds you safe and enjoying time with friends and loved ones wherever you may be and please accept my warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and yours and we will begin looking to the New Year in a few days. Merry Christmas!