The holiday season has been so busy that I haven’t yet had a chance to listen for Thierry on Crozet Island. Hopefully that will change this weekend as our schedules begin the transition back to normal. Crozet is number three on the Most Wanted list and I’d really like to have FT8WW in the bank before number two on the list, Bouvet Island, goes QRV in late January.

The New Year is not yet upon us and the DX opportunities are already stacking up.

I’d also like to take advantage of this final weekend to prepare my 2022 DX Marathon submission as well as completing the typical year-end activities like backing up the server, creating a new blog archive, and compiling a detailed summary of all logged station activities for the year.

I know it’s been a productive year at KE9V, but I won’t know exactly how productive until doing a deep dive on the stats. This should prove interesting and will help direct my goals for 2023 and make it the most successful and enjoyable year in my long ham radio life cycle.

Plan the work, work the plan!