I wanted to capture a few Web stats before 2022 slips into the abyss. Overall it was a good year with well over 22,000 unique visitors generating some 83,000 page views and more than a quarter million hits while chewing up over 6Gb of bandwidth.

And these were the most read posts of the year:

  • The Long Road to DXCC - The quest for DXCC doesn’t end with working a hundred entities, this is only the beginning.
  • Easter Island - Easter Island was an all-time-new-one for me. Happy dance!
  • Typical Radio Amateur - From 200 Meters and Down - The Story of Amateur Radio written by Clinton B. DeSoto and published in 1936.
  • Saint Helena - I didn’t know anything about Saint Helena before the IOTA contest last weekend, I couldn’t even point to it on a map...
  • Field Day Results - Field Day 2022 turned into an all-CW operation for me. I put a hundred in the log using 50 watts and a portable antenna from the backyard. The world is safe for another year.
  • Rig in a Box - Rig in Box concept explained and it seems an intriguing approach.