1. Auld Lang Syne - On the precipice of a New Year, but first a brief look back at 2022.
  2. Most Read - Most read posts of 2022.
  3. Wrapping Up - The year is coming to an end and there is plenty of busy work to be done.
  4. Merry Christmas - Warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season to you and yours.
  5. Winter Storm - Heavy snow and dangerous cold. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 4 inches. Winds gusting as high as 50 mph.
  6. Alban Arthan - The name for the festival of the Winter Solstice in Druidry is Alban Arthan, which means 'The Light of Arthur'.
  7. Eternal Enigmas - 1978 was a good year for DX … 1979 will be even better. But don’t ask why!
  8. New DX Podcast - Announcing a new podcast for the active DXer.
  9. Six Meters Last Night - Right on schedule the 50MHz band comes back to life. For a short season.
  10. Authority - Thieves and cheap hams threaten the future of sharing interesting projects.
  11. Packet Flashback - Thought on financing an amateur radio digital network.
  12. Big Dog DXers - Though somewhat rare, there are Big Dog DXers among us.
  13. What Has Been - What's to Come - Thoughts on ham radio and on continuing to write about it in a New Year.
  14. December 7 - Remembering Pearl Harbor and a few extra bits.
  15. Square Kilometer Array - Construction is underway on the Square Kilometer Array in Australia and South Africa.
  16. New Spartan Sprint Start Time - Spartan Sprint event adjusts schedule.
  17. Holiday Homebrew Sprint - The 2022 QRP-ARCI Holiday Spirits Homebrew Sprint takes place on December 11th.
  18. Svalbard - Ham radio and life on one of the most northerly inhabited places on the planet.
  19. Toys in the Attic - Odds and ends and finishing out the season.
  20. CQWW DX Results - My results from a few hours in the CQWW DX CW contest.
  21. Black Friday - Odds and ends at the end of a holiday week.
  22. Dimming the Sun - From the halls of insane ideas that might one day come to pass.
  23. The Truth Was Out There - On the Legacy of Art Bell - Art Bell, W6OBB may be gone, but he's never forgotten.
  24. See You in Visalia - Planning to attend the International DX Convention in Visalia, California in 2023.
  25. K1USN SST Nov 18 - Results from the Friday K1SUN SST.
  26. A Radio Amateur in Kyiv - New book from a radio amateur in Ukraine.
  27. WWROF Scholarships Announced - The World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) is pleased to announce a new scholarship program.
  28. Consequence of Null - As it turns out, everybody has to be somewhere. No exceptions.
  29. The Art of Money Getting - PT Barnum wrote a book in 1880 about getting money. Clearly, he wasn't a radio amateur.
  30. New DX Marathon Tool - New browser-based tool for summarizing DX data for the annual DX Marathon.
  31. Hiding Out on the WARC Bands - Leroy never makes sense...
  32. The Legend Lives On - SS Edmund Fitzgerald was an American Great Lakes freighter that sank in Lake Superior during a storm on November 10, 1975, with the loss of the entire crew of 29 men.
  33. End of an Era - Ellen White, W1YL, of Brandon, Florida, passed away on Sunday, November 6, 2022. She was 95. White became a radio amateur in 1946 and devoted over 75 years of her life to ham radio, including more than 25 years on the headquarters staff for ARRL.
  34. Shot in the Arm - Confirmations from the CQ WW DX SSB contest have exceeded my expectations and provided a nice addition to my DXCC totals for that mode.
  35. Minimalist Receiver Challenge - Looking for something to keep you busy on those long winter nights yet to come? Here's a challenge that will keep the midnight oil burning and solder melting in your shack.
  36. Last Handbook - The special hard cover edition of the 100th ARRL Handbook for RadioCommunications has arrived. It will probably be the last one in my collection.
  37. CQWW Phone Results - Phone is my weakest link. This weekend's CQ WW Phone contest didn't change that, but perhaps some progress was made.
  38. Morning DX - Worked TY0RU (Benin) this morning.
  39. Better Morning Coffee - Mixed bag of timely amateur radio news and information.
  40. In Search Of... - On the hunt for a new source of fresh apple cider.
  41. Fallen Leaves, Fallen Doublets - Tis the season for foul weather and fallen aerials.
  42. IC-705 Ranting and Raving - the IC-705 will feature prominently in my ham radio future and I look forward to the fun I expect it to bring - as soon as I can keep it from falling over every time I touch it.
  43. My Little Town - A short, five-hundred word description of my hometown in the USA. For information and future reference.
  44. Last Chance - The year-long State QSO Party season comes to an end this weekend with the New York and Illinois events.
  45. ICOM IC-705 - Just ordered a new ICOM IC-705 transceiver.
  46. Thank You - DXCC Digital.
  47. Random Bits - Working China before coffee and initial foray into VarAC.
  48. Columbus Day - In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
  49. South Dakota - I need South Dakota on Phone. This weekend is the South Dakota QSO Party. You see where Im going here...
  50. Chasing Rocks - For this community of “space cowboys,” entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts, a fireball streaming across the sky offers big risks and bigger rewards—and new tech is heating up the competition.
  51. Keeping Time - An obscure software system synchronizes the network’s clocks. Who will keep it running?
  52. Targeted Calling - Improved LoTW results using FT modes by identifying other LoTW users.
  53. Waypoints - More waypoints on the road to DXCC.
  54. K7K Kiska Island QSL - QSL card for the K7K operation arrived via postal mail this weekend.
  55. The Basics - Back to basics with CW.
  56. CY9 Hunter Award - POTA award for working all reference areas of St. Paul Island.
  57. Brushing Up - My first honest-to-goodness CW chat in a long while and I wasn’t at all pleased with my sending.
  58. Alban Elfred - The name for the festival of the Autumn Equinox in Druidry is Alban Elfed, which means 'The Light of the Water'.
  59. Desert Wireless - Lab599 announces a new distributor.
  60. Exodus - The growing exodus from all forms of social media has been accelerating and perhaps that’s a good sign for the future?
  61. RSS 2.0 at 20 - The RSS 2.0 Specification turns twenty.
  62. INDEXA Election Results - Results of the recent INDEXA Board of Director election.
  63. Hamshack Hotline - Hamshack Hotline is a private telephone network for ham radio licensees.
  64. The mercuryAT Auto Tuner - The mercuryAT high-power automatic antenna tuner from KM3KM has arrived.
  65. Enhancing Your DX Skills - Tips for improving station and DX operating techniques from seasoned operators.
  66. Eclectic Tech Podcast Ends - The Eclectic Tech podcast series ended with episode 67 on August 25, 2022.
  67. Playing With Meteors - New book, Playing With Meteors - Exploring the Universe With Amateur Radio.
  68. The Unicorn in the Garden - Friday fable by James Thurber.
  69. Notable Exit - Long-time radio amateur JA1NUT has decided to exit the hobby.
  70. Contact with Ukraine - Some additional clarity on the Ukranian radio issue from John Sweeney, K9EL and manager of the DX Marathon program.
  71. Labor Day Weekend - October is less than a month away.
  72. Albania - It took four or five calls and then Albania was in the log.
  73. QRP Time Capsule - SPRAT is an exclusive QRP journal and contains much practical information in each issue.
  74. CW-500 Paddles Arrived - The Russian made CW-500 paddles from Lab599 arrived yesterday.
  75. DX Notes - Random notes from the DX world.
  76. Time for a New Adventure - Moving on up to the microwaves.
  77. Member Since '82 - Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.
  78. Easter Island - Easter Island was an all-time-new-one for me. Happy dance!
  79. Approaching the Harvest - The weather seems to be changing a little early this year and harvest time is right around the corner.
  80. Return of the KX3 - My Elecraft KX3 is headed back home after a few repairs at the factory.
  81. K7K Kiska Island in the Log - Wrapping up the K7K expedition to Kiska Island.
  82. Across the Pond - I placed an order for the GQRP's Sprat on a Stick, the publication in electronic format on a memory stick.
  83. Walking in the Rain - SolderSmoke Pete drops a sharp yet restrained rant on the new ARRL Radio Lab that's worth a listen.
  84. Another Milestone - Retired life is good!
  85. Saint Helena - I didn’t know anything about Saint Helena before the IOTA contest last weekend, I couldn’t even point to it on a map...
  86. New DX Marathon Manager - The DX Marathon has a new manager, K9EL set to handover the reins ot year-end.
  87. Taking Stock - It’s time for another dive into the log to see how the DXCC adventure is progressing.
  88. K7K Kiska Island - The K7K expedition to Kiska Island is underway.
  89. Typical Radio Amateur - From 200 Meters and Down - The Story of Amateur Radio written by Clinton B. DeSoto and published in 1936.
  90. Uncomfortable Rate - I discontinued exchanging paper QSL cards several years ago and now use LoTW only.
  91. Odd Lots - Russian paddles, the world's smallest wide-range automatic antenna tuner, new INDEXA newsletter, bumblebees will soon take flight, and rain finally returns to the Heartland.
  92. POTA Hunting - Enrubio hunter award - working 200 unique reference areas in the Parks on the Air program.
  93. More Fallout - Scandinavian Activity Contests 2022 CANCELLED
  94. Twenty Years On - Spinning the dial on the low-end of the 20 meter band last night I spun across FB5MH calling CQ.
  95. Amateur Radio DXpeditions - Amateur Radio DXpeditions member certificate.
  96. IARU-HF Results - My results from a brief entry into the IARU-HF contest this weekend.
  97. Friday Night Radio - The evening began with lousy band conditions and a one hour sprint and didn't get any better after that.
  98. Newsletter Publishing - Random thoughts about launching another ham radio related newsletter.
  99. War Wounds - This weekend is the IARU HF World Championship and the conflict in Ukraine is having an impact.
  100. Happy Independence Day! - The 4th of July was a backyard operation this year.
  101. DX Marathon in Transition - The popular DX Marathon program is in transtition as its program manager will soon be stepping down.
  102. KX3 Going to California - The KX3 has been shipped back to Elecraft for repair. It's scheduled return might be around Thanksgiving.
  103. Field Day Results - Field Day 2022 turned into an all-CW operation for me. I put a hundred in the log using 50 watts and a portable antenna from the backyard. The world is safe for another year.
  104. Field Day - Field Day is ham radio's open house. Every June, more than 40,000 hams throughout North America participate in this most popular of all activities.
  105. DXCC POTA - With more than a hundred DX entities now available in the POTA program, the opportunity for DXCC POTA is a reality.
  106. Era of Deprivation - Quick service and delivery are victims of Long Covid. Welcome to the new age where everything is painfully slow.
  107. Growing Season - A widespread crop failure might make food difficult to obtain at any price.
  108. Productive Week - Wrapping up my week of DX and looking to activities slated for the 2nd half of the year.
  109. Extended Forecast - More extremely hot weather ahead, right into Field Day weekend. Plus, plans to complete the Triple-Play award.
  110. Heat Wave - Some triple-digit temperatures are in the local forecast with the resulting storms triggering rainscatter communication attempts.
  111. Stamps and Seashells - N6KR shares a little something about balance.
  112. Friday Night Soapbox - Results from another SST are considered.
  113. Recent DX Results - Reviewing another week from the DX chase.
  114. Ghost Sighting - A passing mention of an old AMSAT-DL project brings back a flood of lost memories.
  115. Future Plans - Early booking for events in Dayton during the 2023 Hamvention weekend.
  116. Six Meters Last Night - Six meters opens but no DX joy to be found.
  117. Rig in a Box - Rig in Box concept explained and it seems an intriguing approach.
  118. Triple Play - The ARRL WAS Triple-Play Award is within easy reach.
  119. Recent DX Results - Sifting through the logs after a big contest and finding a few nuggets of joy.
  120. Ham Radio Quilt - Saw this fine looking bit of handiwork at the ARRL booth at Hamvention.
  121. K1USN SST Results - Sprint results. An uninspired performance.
  122. CQ WW WPX CW - Epilogue - Conditions for the CQ WW WPX CW Contest this weekend weren’t great.
  123. The Long Road to DXCC - The quest for DXCC doesn’t end with working a hundred entities, this is only the beginning.
  124. Indy Hamfest Canceled - The 2022 Indianapolis Hamfest has been canceled, maybe for good.
  125. Michigan QSO Party - Results from the 2022 Michigan QSO Party
  126. Winlink Installation - Email via HF radio is every bit as cool as I imagined.
  127. POTA DX - 15 meters has become productive lately.
  128. Joy of DX - A ham radio friend had been telling me of his recent morning DX success on 15 meters.
  129. Another New One - I've acquired another new telegraphic key from the workshop of Tony Baleno, N3ZN.
  130. MPAS Lite Antenna Arrives - The Chameleon Modular Portable Antenna System (MPAS) Lite finally arrived.
  131. Sixty-Three - Another trip around the sun.
  132. KH6B SK - Ham radio has lost another good one...
  133. Ten. Done. Logged. - Unplanned moments in the NAQP CW contest.
  134. Hilltopper Redux - The popular ‘Hilltopper’ single-band CW transceiver kit is finally back in stock from the Four State QRP Group.
  135. Morse Express - Milestone Technologies & Morse Express is closed and liquidating the inventory.
  136. Kitchen Table QRP - Hunting POTA using an indoor antenna from the kitchen table.
  137. Jim Stafford, W4QO SK - Jim Stafford, W4QO has become a Silent Key.
  138. Oris Brandt Comes Home - Seaman Oris Brandt killed at Pearl Harbor is finally laid to rest in his hometown.