I submitted my DX Marathon entry for 2022 today, one of my end of year / first of year paperwork chores. This was my first entry in the Marathon and while I did okay, there’s no high-score plaque in my future. I ended the year with 125 entities worked in 32 zones for a total claimed score of 157. My entry class was 100 watts formula using a ground mounted vertical on all-bands and modes.

Based on last year’s scores that will put me in the lower half of all entrants and that’s okay, it’s a race against myself. What intrigues me most about this format is that scoring is simple, it’s total countries worked plus zones. No weird multipliers, etc. and no QSL cards required. The event kicks off on January 1st of each year and ends on December 31st. Each year entrants start over from zero, nothing is carried forward from the previous year.

It’s been a good way to maintain interest in chasing DX thanks to the fresh start each year. 2023 is a good example as this is only the 4th day of the new year and though I’ve only made 45 total contacts so far, 30 of those have been with unique entities which is a good start on 2023. By the end of this first month I expect to have worked a hundred though it gets considerably tougher after that!

The program recently transitioned to new management and there are plans for several improvements including a new Web site and updated scoring tools. If you’re interested in playing this game start with a visit to the primary web site. And of course there is a mailing list.

I’d also recommend getting your hands on the book, A Year of DX by Bob Locher, W9KNI — the author’s personal account of the challenges in pursuit of winning the CQ DX Marathon and a recommended read.