An early morning on the radio hunting, or at least looking, for a few POTA stations to add to the log. Since the program went international it has become a bit more common to find a few Europeans out in the field while it’s still pre-dawn and pre-coffee here and that’s paid off on occasion. This morning I copied just one station in the UK on 17 meters, but after a few calls without success I decided coffee was more important and gave up.

While the coffee was brewing I worked K2EAG in K-1394 on 30M so the early morning wasn’t wasted. There was more to be had at that hour, but I decided to ride along with a friendly bunch on a 75 meter AM net. Most of these operators are located in the upper midwest and obviously still enjoy their boat anchors and the kind of rich, melodious audio that used to be common on the bands.

The North American QSO Party (SSB) takes place this weekend and I expect to wade in for at least a few hours. Other plans for this weekend will cut this short for me, but I hope you have an opportunity to jump into the fray. Good luck!