Saw this anecdote from Samantha Perry, editor of the Daily Telegraph and it reminded me of the oh so many places we used to live - and all the wires I’ve left in the trees for future observation and contemplation…

I smiled as my mind reverted back to childhood. I recalled my dad’s ham radio setup — the dials, lighted screens and giant displays taking up the entire space on one of his workshop tables. I remembered him talking to folks “from everywhere,” and the technology that connected a rural family in West Virginia to people across the nation.

Some years ago, when the husband and I moved back into the house on the mountain, we walked the grounds and assessed the needs of the home place. What repairs and improvements needed to be made? What was relevant then, and now?

Walking through the yard, he spied a piece of wire seemingly growing out of a tree high above our heads.

“What the hell?” he asked.

“Ham radio from back in the day,” I said with a smile. No other explanation was needed.