Friday Afternoon: Once again I arrived late to the K1USN SST on Friday afternoon. 4-5pm local is simply seared into my brain on this one and I keep showing up just before this thing ends. That problem will soon be resolved as we spring ahead to daylight savings time tomorrow. I did manage 13 contacts and 10 multipliers in just under thirty minutes. All on 20 meters, search & pounce. Not a great showing to be certain, but I did take a short sprint and made it even shorter and lived to tell the story.

Saturday: The plan for this day has been to participate in the Idaho QSO Party in hopes of adding at least one confirmed phone contact. An hour into the event I had worked six ID phone stations, but on further review, none used LoTW. It suddenly dawned on me that the reason I don’t have this state confirmed on phone might be because so few Idaho amateurs use LoTW? I finally did work a few more who have uploaded their logs in recent history so fingers crossed I might finally check this one off the Triple-Play list.

While fiddling around in the IDQP I also worked a few stations in the South America 10 Meter Contest. I also managed to add a few more POTA stations to the weekend cache.

Bottom line: It’s been a productive weekend (so far) on the bands, especially with 15-12-10 meters really popping. And hey, I listened to a beautiful one-sided QSO at 29.600 MHz FM that I don’t think was via a repeater. What’s up with that? I remember long ago frequently working thru a 10 meter FM repeater located somewhere in the Caribbean, but I haven’t heard anything about this for a long time. Probably due to poor band conditions over the last decade. This deserves additional investigation…