Some say that time travel isn’t possible, but I disagree. Turning the pages of ELECTRIC RADIO, one of my favorite publications, I’m instantly transported back to the days when radio was still pure magic and spinning the tuning dial was as good as any journey around the globe. And I got to take that trip every night after school from the comfort of my bedroom…

ELECTRIC RADIO (tm) is all about the restoration, maintenance, and continued use of vinatge radio equipment. Founded in 1989 by Barry Wiseman (N6CSW, SK), the magazine continues publication for those who appreciate the value and excitement of operating vintage equipment and the rich history of radio. It is hoped that the magazine will provide inspiration and encouragement to collectors, restorers, and builders. It is dedicated to the generations of radio amateurs, experimenters, and engineers who have preceded us, without whom many features of life, now taken for granted, would not be possible.

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Here you can subscribe to the popular Electric Radio magazine, now in in circulation over 30 years. Electric Radio is published bi-monthly primarily for those who appreciate and continue to use vintage radio communications equipment and also for those who are interested in the rich history of radio.