I decided to take a pass on the opportunity to order the new ICOM IC-905 VHF/UHF/SHF All-Mode Transceiver.

Almost a year ago HRO was taking small deposits for the right to order the new IC-905 transceiver long before knowing the final price or even when it would become available. I put my $35 down and proceeded to speculate on what the price would be.

Microwave equipment isn’t cheap and there has never been an amateur radio package with all those bands, modes and features rolled up into one package so for all I knew it might sell for five or even ten thousand dollars though I expected it to come in below that. I was willing to pony up $3k for the 905, but when the actual US price was announced, it was considerably more than that – especially given that they busted the 10 GHz option out of the base package.

Final pricing ended up like this:

  • IC-905 transceiver $3499.95
  • 10 GHZ transverter $1099.95
  • 2.4 GHz antenna $399.95
  • 5.6 GHz antenna $399.95
  • 10 GHz antenna $399.95
  • Parabolic 10-10.5 GHz $1099.95

Unwilling to invest that much in what is a narrow facet of the hobby, I passed on the opportunity to order the hardware. I don’t know that it’s overpriced, it’s just more than I’m willing to pay. I’m sure many microwave enthusiasts will line-up to pick up the entire 905 suite, and perhaps there will be a better “deal” to be had at Hamvention.

But having just picked up an ADALM-Pluto SDR that covers 440 thru 6 GHz (with modification) for two hundred bucks, that seems the most reasonable path to the microwaves for me.