It rained last night and early this morning, a little more than a quarter inch according to my backyard station with more on the way. Those April showers you hear about I suppose. The lawn has morphed into a brighter green and there are other less obvious signs that outdoor work will be required soon. I look forward to getting back outside, but I have to admit I will miss the lazier days that winter affords.

Lots of ways to play radio this weekend with the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Missouri state QSO parties. The Florida State Parks on the Air event also takes place. The biggest operating event of the year in Poland, the SP DX Contest takes place on Saturday and Sunday when over 1,000 Polish stations will be on the air operating both CW and SSB. Capping off the weekend is the Monday Spartan Sprint sponsored by the Adventure Radio Society.

Did you know? The International CW Council (ICWC) comprised of representatives from CW clubs world-wide, promotes and aids in the retention and growth of International Morse Code as a mode of communication between amateur radio operators. The list of member organizations is impressive and a handy contact reference.

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