An ARRL dues increase is being considered. Members received a bulletin this week that said in part:

For only the second time in 22 years, we are considering a dues increase. Promoting and protecting amateur radio requires a strong and vibrant ARRL. Paying our dues (and some of you go above and beyond) is one way each of us does our part.

On May 1, we will launch an online survey, inviting all ARRL members to participate. The survey will include some short questions about raising dues and modifying the way some membership benefits are bundled. The survey will also include an opportunity to share your feedback. The participation of every member is important.

My Life membership purchased long ago keeps paying off. Still, dues and income are required for the continued success of the organization and I have a vested interest in that.

More interesting than the if, when, and how much of a dues increase is in store will be the bellyaching from those who rarely have a good thing to say – about anything. I’ll make the popcorn, the grousing has already gotten underway…