It’s raining. It always rains when bad things happen.

My Dad took a spill at home yesterday and fractured his hip. He’s in the hospital now awaiting surgery and whatever might follow. It’s bad news to be certain, but having lived independently to the ripe old age of 95 we choose to focus on his amazing life.

Dad was born the same week as Charles Lindbergh flew the Spirit of St. Louis on the first solo, non-stop flight across the Atlantic. He lived through the Great Depression and is a World War II Navy veteran. After the war he married, started a family, lived to see men walk on the moon, live in space, and welcome four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren into the world. He has never owned a computer or a mobile phone. He used to have a credit card but they canceled it because he never used it. He missed the 1919 pandemic by a few years on one end of his life then survived a bout with the Covid pandemic on the other.

We have all been amazed to watch him continue to live in his own home all these years. He has done his own shopping (he still drives) and bill paying and even the lawn mowing. In fact, he was last seen on the lawn tractor just two days ago! He has been a vibrant member of the Greatest Generation and a hero to our entire family.

I wanted to post this note to let you know why there may be some interruption here over the coming weeks. Maintaining the blog is trivial, but I hate visiting a personal ham radio site that has been seemingly abandoned without reason so I wanted to at least note what was going on. This may not be an issue given there’s nothing I can do at the moment and I seem to have a few excess cycles to burn while stuck in wait mode as this issue works itself to some conclusion.

73, Jeff