Almost two weeks ago I suggested there might be some interruption in the normal traffic flow on the blog due to my Dad breaking his hip. Broken hips and the elderly are always a bad combination so it was no great surprise when, after ten days and nights in the hospital, he passed away from complications due to the surgery. The last couple of days have been spent making all the necessary final arrangements that follow such an event.

Saying “goodbye” forever to someone you love is never easy, but my Dad was only a few weeks shy of 96 when he passed. His long, healthy life was filled with adventure and joy and it lasted so long we probably started to believe he couldn’t, or wouldn’t ever die. I got to spend a lot more time with my Dad than most others ever do and for that I’m grateful.

With all the family gathered round as he hovered between here and eternity we spoke about our time together with older relatives and I related to my sons and daughter how I never really knew my grandparents. All of them had died before I turned seven years old. To that my oldest son marveled, “and here I am 43 years old and still have a Grandpa”. It was a sobering reality.

Not trying to bring you down with my sad news, but I didn’t want to leave those who read my previous post wondering how that turned out. In the end, it wasn’t good news. Yet somehow we all still feel fortunate to have had my Dad around to share so many extra-inning wins – like meeting all his great-grandchildren.