I keep staring at the About page for this site yet remain completely blocked by what to put on it. My intent had been to knock together a few details introducing myself to any new readers and briefly explaining what I’m trying to accomplish here. I can’t imagine why that has me so blocked. Other than I hate writing about myself and after more than twenty years blogging here I still don’t know exactly what I’m trying to accomplish.

Going out on a limb I’d say maybe that’s why this has been so difficult. Details about me are revealed here in the blog posts — kind of bite-sized McNuggets of my life. But I realize that few readers want to sift through the archives to discover that minutia so a basic summary seems mandatory. Besides, whatever I come up with here will be probably be regurgitated on my QRZ bio which is as bare and empty as the ABOUT page here at the moment.

The explanation for WHAT I’m trying to accomplish is even tougher to generate. When I started blogging in 2002 the whole mechanism seemed ideal for sharing my adventures in amateur radio with a wide audience. But honestly, beyond general evangelism for the hobby this has always been a pretty vapid enterprise. By that I mean I’ve never done how-tos, construction articles, or deeply technical product reviews, etc.

And doesn’t that seem somewhat obligatory for a ham radio blog?

No, all I’ve done here has been to share opinions (about a lot of things), regurgitate radio history that’s probably only interesting to me, and occasionally document my results from a contest or Field Day. During the journey I did write numerous bits of radio fiction that were well-received and produced a couple of audio programs that were quite popular. But that was more than a decade ago now, time slips away so easily and without notice…

Enough with the melancholy and tears in my beer!

I retired a little more than a year ago and have now fully entered the third act of my life and I’d really like to make the most of it. With more time available these days I’d like to convert that into more ham radio, more adventure, more fun, more life. And apparently, I’ll continue chronicling it all here because that makes me happy too.

Oh, and if I can’t resolve the ABOUT page problem, well I can always remove the pesky link and get on with my life.