Interesting, and I hope it yields results. I’m not certain what they have in mind, but if there is a solution to the problem of deliberate QRM (DQRM) it will have to be technical in nature and electronic in implementation. Peer pressure and “Codes of Conduct” have failed to put a dent in the problem. And don’t kid yourself, it’s a big problem that’s only grown worse with time. So much so that unchecked, this facet of our hobby may simply cease to exist. The DX community is likely to spend millions on a final solution and this seems like a good start.

NCDXF Announces New DQRM Initiative

The Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) recognizes the negative impact deliberate QRM (DQRM) is having on our hobby. We believe this is a problem that can be mitigated by amateur radio operators applying their vast knowledge and creativity to the advanced receiving and direction finding technology currently available. In order to spur research into solving this problem the NCDXF Board of Directors at their April 2023 Board Meeting allocated $100,000 for grants to develop DQRM solutions.

NCDXF will entertain grant proposals from individuals or groups that specifically outline their approach to identify bad actors. A group of NCDXF Directors led by Craig Thompson, K9CT and Don Greenbaum, N1DG will weigh the probability of success of their proposals as well as monitor the progress of the grantees.

Funding will be available for R&D as well as implementation of technology proposals. It is hoped that manufacturers will also assist NCDXF and grantees with equipment and other resources.

NCDXF will shortly outline specifics for how to apply for these DQRM grants. We have created a webpage devoted to this project.