It’s finally Friday and the start to a long holiday (Memorial Day) weekend here in the US. Since I retired holidays and weekends don’t hold as much value for me, but it does mean our kids will get a day off work (Monday) and hopefully we will get to hang out with them a little more. The weather looks good here too so I expect a lot of backyard grills will be working overtime.

The Indianapolis 500 will run this weekend and while it may be billed as the greatest spectacle in racing most people I know around here, including me, despise it. That’s because us “locals” don’t get to watch it live on television due to it being blacked out in this area. It doesn’t pay to be a race fan around here so there’s little reason to take an interest in what’s going on fifty-miles down the road at the Speedway…

This weekend is also the traditional beginning of the summer season. Schools are out and all the swimming holes and splash pads will be open for business. It doesn’t exactly line-up with the astronomical start to summer, but it’s close enough. No matter how you measure it, we’re entering our warm season and all that brings with it.

Happy Summertime!

Staying Home this Weekend?

This weekend is the CQ WW WPX CW contest. That will keep many occupied between mouthfuls of potato salad.

Curt, K2CWM reminds SKCC members staying home this weekend and looking for something to do might use the time to add to their Brag totals before the month of May ends next week.

If you played in the Canadian Prairies QSO Party a few weeks ago then you need to submit your log no later than May 29th.

Classic QRP Tuner Kit Returns

I saw an email from George Heron, N2APB from Midnight Design Solutions that said the N2CX Rainbow Tuner is again kitted and available for sale:

Some may recall the Rainbow Tuner Kit back from the NJQRP’s early days, as designed back then by our good friend Joe Everhart, N2CX. Since those first (big) runs of this nifty and colorful, resistive-based SWR indicator and tuner for 30m/40m EFHW antennas, we’ve always planned to make follow-on runs. Heck, we even talked about it multiple times on episodes of the CWTD podcast, but things (and parts availability!) always seemed to get in the way.

But the Rainbow Tuner is back for another limited run! You can read all about it in the documentation and article on this web page, and you can order kits right now.