I’m an old hayseed harp player, not a big dawg DXer. Never will be. So I couldn’t be disappointed with my results in the 2022 DX Marathon which were published today. First time I’ve ever played in this pool and spent the entire year using a hundred watts and a 17-foot ground mounted vertical with a single radial stretched across the backyard. Despite the ultra-modest setup I managed 31 zones and 122 countries for a total score of 153 and am happy enough with that result.

The DX Marathon seems a great way to maintain interest in chasing DX without the need for QSL confirmation which is what really attracted me to it. Well, that and the scoring is drop-dead simple (zones+countries) and everyone resets to zero on January 1st.

I don’t expect much improvement year-over-year this time around as I’ve been off the air for about six weeks already and I expect a lot more downtime in the coming months. Despite that I had been working at a good pace through mid-April with 76 DXCCs worked out of just 342 total contacts made.

My score wasn’t enough to fall into any of the “high score” listed categories, but I’ll take it and look forward to more DX next time around.