The unusually warm temperatures of the last week may have moved on, but dry weather remains. It’s 53F this morning which feels great. A high of 81F is expected with more sunshine. It’s perfect weather for kids enjoying their summer vacation though farmers in this area are becoming concerned. I listened to an AG report on the radio yesterday that said crops planted early in the season are probably okay while those planted later might be in for some trouble. The longer term forecast says to expect more of the same for the rest of this month so we will have to wait and see.

Bits & Bobs for Monday

A somewhat cryptic message to the QRPTECH mailing list yesterday from Dieter Gentzow, W8DIZ that said simply, “Good News! is restocking parts! “Stay tuned…” This after the popular parts supplier had announced its closing and sale.

The June 2023 Adventure Radio Society Spartan Sprint is tonight, Monday evening - as always on the first Monday of each month. This time it is June 5th. It is a two-hour CW sprint around QRP calling frequencies on 80, 40, 15, 20 and 10-meter CW. Read the details.

Nick M0NTV designs, builds and tests a switching circuit for two RF band pass filters. This follows on from the last video about the construction of the filters themselves. Catch the video.

When the Titanic hit an iceberg while crossing the Atlantic in 1912, its telegraphers desperately sent out distress calls hoping somebody, somewhere might hear them. Among the first to respond was an amateur radio operator some 3,000 miles away in south Wales.

Registration has opened for the 70th W9DXCC Convention. The 2023 version will be Sept. 15-16 at the Marriott in Naperville, Illinois. We’ll provide more information by email and on the website as the convention gets closer, but a robust agenda is already in place. Contest-University, along with DX-U, will be Friday. The daylong session on Saturday will feature speakers, exhibits, QSL card checking and a CW pileup contest, as well as an evening reception and banquet. Ed Schumacher (WA9GQK) will again be chairman.