These last couple of mornings have been cool and that’s had me opening the house up though given the poor air quality, maybe that’s not been such a good idea? I’m debating whether or not to even take my morning walk today given the smoke from a distant fire and the repeated warnings about the air quality. I could just skip it until this clears out.

I worked a few POTA stations on 40 CW yesterday. Afterwards I checked my Hunter log and noticed the Sable Island CY0S confirmation now appears there. In addition to hitting my LoTW account, it’s also considered the Sable Island National Park good for another park hunter credit. I also understand that the printed QSL cards are working their way into the postal mail:

The CY0S card has six panels with two folds with a wonderful Sable Island horse on the front. You will see others throughout the card, enjoy! At the time of the CY0S DXpedition, there were 550 wild horses on the island.

Peter Parker, VK3YE activated the Warringine Creek Streamside Reserve, a new addition to the VKFF program (VKFF-3907). Peter was the first to go there and made numerous contacts using QRP and a makeshift antenna. Check out the short video.

Propagation Note: We have entered the solstice season when geomagnetic disturbances are less severe and occur about half as often as during the equinox seasons.