I threw caution to the wind and took my normal walk this morning despite the lingering air quality alert. It was clear and a chilly 50F when I hit the field in a short-sleeve shirt, obviously a poor choice. I dressed in the dark and the quiet this morning and snuck out without checking the outside temperature. Others were enjoying the clearing skies too, like this fellow buzzing overhead on a powered parachute. Perfect day for it. Another guy was on the soccer field trying to get his to work without success. I guess problems on the ground beat problems in the air, huh?

Just fifteen more days until Field Day and my plans remain unchanged. Just me with the K2 in the backyard on batteries and probably the CHA-MPAS configured as a vertical. I’ve no interest in “winning” I just want to spend four hours proving (yet again) that I can communicate in a less than ideal situation.

73, I hope you have a nice weekend!