My lifelong participation in amateur radio has resulted in numerous affiliations with many special interest groups and other related organizations. I thought it worthwhile to capture these for the record. Many of the online only clubs were once thriving entities though most of these have fallen by the wayside and are omitted from this listing.

Life Membership

Some organizations rise to a level of importance to me that I have pledged my admiration and support for them as a Life Member. These include the following:

  • ARRL - the national association for Amateur Radio
  • AMSAT - the radio amateur satellite corporation
  • QCWA - the Quarter Century Wireless Association

Other Clubs and Organizations

Some of these include paid annual memberships while others are activity type clubs with no recurring fees.

  • AMSAT-DL - satellites for communication, science, and education
  • AMSAT-UK - radio amateur satellites
  • BATC - the British Amateur Television Club
  • GQRP Club - low power amateur radio
  • NAQCC - North American QRP CW Club
  • QRP-ARCI - QRP amateur radio club international
  • SKCC - straight key century club
  • TAPR - tomorrow's ham radio technology today