We will be closing on the new house a week from Thursday. After that comes the moving and after that comes getting the other two houses, ours and my Dad’s, ready for sale. I’m too old for all that, but I have plenty of help. Still, realistically it might be Christmas before we have everything back to normal, who knows?

In any event the focus over these next few weeks won’t be blogging. Or ham radio for that matter. I’m checking out for a bit and just wanted to note that.

Oh, if you’ve been following the Cornbread Road audio series I just uploaded the epilogue today completing the entire series. I’m using a podcast service that is helpful, but there are some quirks like daily upload limits and limiting the number of episodes that appear at one time in the embedded player. If you’re interested visit the link and you will figure it out.

I’ll drop a few updates here during the moving process and hopefully be back in the saddle before you know it!