On to July!

Canadian forest fires burning out of control for weeks with the smoke drifting all over North America causing day after day of air quality alerts. Meanwhile, in the south, the heat is pushing utility companies beyond their ability to provide energy to stay cool. Some even say 125F won’t be an unusual summer time high temperature for much of the nation by 2053.

Welcome to our (lousy) future!

While many believe technology will save the day, the cruel irony here is that all it has done (so far) is create a network capable of continuously monitoring the planet and providing stunning images of us choking to death on the smoke from distant fires. Oh, and if you add a little computer modeling to all that data it clearly reflects the increasing problems and difficulties that lie ahead for our species.

Things I would Tweet if I still could...
  • the older I get the more I like Merle Haggard
  • it's not the humidity, it's the heat
  • I despise the ARRL web site log-in process
  • the "good old summertime" is a myth
  • there are endless politicians, but good leaders are unobtanium
  • birds, squirrels, and rabbits in the backyard are the best pets
Cornbread Road

Thanks to all for another successful run of the Cornbread Road audio adventure. It was heavily downloaded this time, but it won’t be available forever. I’ll pull the files down and seal the vault on the story again soon. If you have an interest best to listen or download while you still can.