I am incredibly happy to see that ARRL Field Day 2023 was such a big success. Even though I was unable to participate this time round, it is ham radio’s biggest party and it’s good to know it continues to thrive and even grow in this day and age. I don’t understand all the dynamics, but radio is just a lot more fun in the great outdoors than inside a radio shack. I hope all of you got to make a few lasting memories this year. After all, you only get so many shots at operating Field Day in one lifetime.

Jim, W1PID once again did something pretty unique for Field Day. I frequently look for what he does as something I’d like to emulate. Maybe not this time. His ultra portable station might be a little too spartan for me, but hey, he made 50 contacts using it!

Someone posted an old video from Dayton Hamvention in 1987 this last week. It was shot on film and compiled by Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB and provides an accurate look at the old event best I can recall. I had been a ham ten years in 1987 and looked for glimpses of ancient me in the film as I attended that year, but I somehow missed the camera lens on this one. Reliving those moments are why I still say Hamvention was Hara Arena and nothing will ever bring that back.

Saw a note on the QRP-L mailing list from a fellow offering all his equipment for sale. No, he isn’t mad at the ARRL for anything, it’s not like that at all. He’s 97 years old and says he’s “moving” which suggests to me a final transition to some sort of home or assisted living. And while he has enjoyed many, many years of amateur radio, it’s always incredibly sad to discover someone you know is going QRT for good.

Best way to honor him and those like him is to have as much fun as you can while you can, and learn to appreciate our hobby.