I have long been a member and contributor to several of the major DX foundations. It’s one aspect of the hobby that I have enjoyed and been pleased to support what I believe to be important for the future of amateur radio. DXpeditions provide an exotic and exciting element to what we do with radio. But as the time has come again to renew that support, I find myself questioning the efficacy of recent large-scale DX operations, and more importantly, if these have actually helped or hurt the cause?

The game has changed significantly in recent times and the chase for these mega operations now includes everyone working them on every band and mode possible. This quest has generated more QRM and levels of DQRM than anything we’ve ever seen in the past. This isn’t about working Don Miller from some South Sea island anymore, far from it. In this regard we’ve perhaps become our own worst enemy. Some DX organizations are now pledging funding to find technical solutions to DQRM that are largely of our own making.

These are only my thoughts and opinions and I doubt they would make popular dinner conversation at Visalia. But there’s a lot I need to sort out before renewing any annual contributions and continued memberships with these DX organizations.

In fact, there’s a lot to think about with my own continued participation with chasing DX in general. I love working DX, but I prefer organic contacts where I just happen to bump into others on the air and share a little conversation. I have come to find those operating DX vacation style to be much more interesting and engaging than those living in mile deep pile-ups just to add another band or mode to a location already confirmed.

But that’s just me. I encourage you to do whatever makes you happy and ignore others interpretations of what radio is or should be. Including mine. Having said that, I grant myself freedom to determine what interests me at any given time, even if I’m unable to convey that perfectly in words.

Bottom Line: I don’t care for the current direction taken by this facet of the hobby, and I’ll find other ways to support the kind operations that make me happy.