Needing a new mower I decided to try electric. Battery powered, not the kind with a long extension cord. Lowe’s was having a 4th of July sale on the EGO POWER+ self-propelled lawnmower with a decent discount so I snagged this one.

Coolest new toy I’ve had in a while, and that includes the last year of ham radio stuff!

This thing is the berries. It’s been a long time since I last had a self-propelled mower and I didn’t care for the previous experience. That thing had one speed and it dragged me all over the yard. By comparison, this one has a variable speed adjustment on the handle that I can change on the fly with the twist of the dial.

The battery charges in about 40 minutes and I get an hour of run time from a single charge. Perfect since it takes me 50 minutes to run it around the front and backyard. And no more pulling a rope to start it. Now I just push a button. It seems to have more than enough pulling and cutting power and the dual-blade cut system does a nice job on the lawn. It’s not completely silent, but it is quiet compared to gas.

Going green wasn’t my primary objective for this purchase, though not having to use gasoline seemed a worthwhile goal.

With three full cuts under my belt, I’m satisfied this was a good purchase and I actually look forward to more time playing with this new toy.