We’re at that point in our move to the new house where almost everything is here yet we can find nothing. And worse, we haven’t decided where everything is going to go. I haven’t found an ideal location for a ham shack, let alone where all the kitchen utensils are going to reside. There are a lot more square feet here yet it feels like less usable space right now.

We will eventually spread into every nook and cranny despite tossing a lot of stuff in the dumpster on the way to that. All the radio equipment is here though no antennas. Well, the ground-mounted CHA-MPAS Lite is ready to be deployed on a moments notice and I might just do that one of these evenings. Not tonight though. There are a few more things that need to be retrieved from the old place tonight. One more trip should move things along nicely.

I’m going to miss the speedy fiber service we had at the old place, it’s unavailable here. I gathered the hardware for that service to return it. They told me to take it to any Fedex or UPS station who would package it and ship it back for credit. Sounded like a great idea and easy enough, but it didn’t work. Turns out there is only one Fedex office in town that will provide that service and I wasn’t standing in the right Fedex. I’ll take another run at that tomorrow I suppose.

Good thing I’m retired with nothing better to do.