They say the heat dome will peak here today with the mercury expected to rise about 95F. The heat is then expected to finally break and return to our normal temps for this time of year, low to mid 80s for the highs. For awhile. Maybe even for an entire week which would be a nice respite. I’ve had my fill of summer weather though the start of the next season still remains weeks away…

Larry, W2LJ plans to resurrect the old NJ QRP Club. Has a Facebook page and a mailing list which is a pretty good start. I used to be a member long ago, probably still am if they had records. I attended the first Atlanticon conference and always enjoyed the quarterly publication.

Dan, KB6NU wants to be starting something too. He’s looking to consolidate the best ideas for combating association membership declines like what ails the ARRL though his interest is broader than just that. Similar declines have been noted with Rotary and Lions Clubs, etc. with the primary concern being why 21st century folks don’t embrace these like 20th century folks did. Drop him a note and share your ideas.

Steve, K9ZW recently had a hand in organizing and pulling off a big celebration of the life of his friend, George Ulm, W9EVT on Washington Island (WI). The event included shack tours and an on-air special event operation. Read all about it. Nice job Steve!

The 2023 ARS Flight of the Bumble Bees takes place this Sunday, July 30, Currently, there are almost 80 field operators registered as Bumble Bees in 30 states and Canada. This is one of the most popular QRP contests of the year and is often referred to as “QRP Field Day.” 2023 will be the 27th year of FOBB competition. Home stations and “Bumble Bees” in the field are encouraged to participate. All QRP HF calling frequencies, excluding the WARC bands, have been the gathering places for the contest. The more the merrier! Complete details and the updated 2023 Bumble Bee roster are available here.