School is back in full-swing and that was noted by a surge in the morning traffic near here. That will take some getting used to as we now live just around the corner from the elementary and high school. Our daughter is doubtless crying her eyes out this morning as her oldest (one of our six grandchildren) started kindergarten today. It will be a long day for her…

The “Convention for Amateur Television 2023 Part 1” (CAT23) took place with an in-person meeting at the Midland Air Museum in Coventry on Sunday 6 August. The second part will be online, probably in October. These technical sessions from the British Amateur TV Club (BATC) have been conducted for several years. The videos from this recent conference are not yet online, but you can see what to expect by checking out the CAT22 event from last year via YouTube.

For some odd reason I no longer receive the Zero Retries weekly letter via email. This has been the case for several weeks. Fortunately, I follow the publication via an RSS feed so I haven’t missed a thing, I don’t think. Editor Steve Stroh, N8GNJ says that might be due to SubStack growing pains. Thought I’d mention it in case you suddenly find ZR missing from your inbox.

Something unusual from CQ Magazine. They are having some issue with the printing process that has halted production of the printed magazine for now, so they are making them available for free download via PDF in the interim. This seems strange, but go snag them while you can. Four of them are available now: April 2023, May 2023, June 2023, July 2023.

I just ordered the book, The CW Way of Life: Learning, Living, and Loving Morse Code (in a Digital World) by Chris NW6V from Amazon. It looks like a Morse mastery training manual, but something that probably deserves a spot on the shelf. More from this author: The Straight Key Chronicles - Ch 1 - Talking to Myself