The International DX Association, INDEXA, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in September of 2023. Over the last 40 years, INDEXA has sponsored hundreds of DXpeditions to dozens of DX entities around the world. Consistent with its name, INDEXA has contributed to DXpedition teams from multiple nations. It is an international organization.

INDEXA began as a few men supplying or loaning equipment to DXpedition groups. Over the last 40 years it has grown to become a major financial partner and sponsor of DXpeditions. In recent years, with the sponsorship of JH1AJT (SK), INDEXA added its Humanitarian Aid Fund. This fund can provide humanitarian aid to local people living in some of the entities DXpeditions visit.

All of this is possible because of the support of INDEXA’s members and there are over 1,000 of you worldwide. Now, to celebrate this 40th anniversary and thank you for your support, INDEXA’s officers and board of directors invite you to participate in the INDEXA Worldwide QSO Party.

This on the air event will run from September 2 through September 10 of 2023 and utilize 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters with SSB, CW, and RTTY modes.

The event is for everyone worldwide. Both members and non-members of INDEXA are welcomed and encouraged to participate and compete for awards. A user defined contest module is available for use in the N1MM Logger + logging program which will log each QSO, track mutipliers, and calculate your score. Full details are available on the INDEXA QSO Party website:

This is intended to be a fun and enjoyable event. You may operate as much or as little as you like, be competitive or just relax and chat with fellow DXers from time to time, operate on different modes, chase multipliers or bonus stations, or seek an award for the top score in your country or continent.

Please join us. Have fun and lets celebrate the DXing we all enjoy so much.

Ralph – K0IR

INDEXA Board of Directors