I’ve been perusing the Unofficial QRP DXCC Standings while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing this morning. As of March this year the standings are being regularly updated again. I stumbled across the link from the August QRP Banner published by the Four State QRP Group. I had forgotten this under utilized resource until now and am dismayed at the number of low-power DX chasers who have become Silent Keys.

One particular mailing list thread I’ve been following concerns logging. Many responses about how much better paper logs are than electronic because they support freelance comments better than constricted software. Of course there are plenty of workarounds and I prefer electronic logging, but I’ve got to admit that the few paper logbooks I saved from long ago are a special kind of treasure - like love letters from an old high school girlfriend…

Looks like Larry W2LJ will be publishing the soapbox on the Skeeter Hunt web site this year, and for the last couple of years.

The old link to the SouthgateARC ham radio news site now points to the Amateur Radio Daily News site curated by Cale K4HCK.

All videos from the FDIM 2023 forum presentations have now been uploaded to Youtube according to Dave NM0S.

The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) continues to add members at a steady clip. The latest listing of new members shows number 27740 as having been issued. That’s a lot of potential straight key energy, I hope it gets used regularly.