Happy September!

I managed to get myself into the weekly NCCC FT4 Sprint last night. I was using the WSJT_improved software with special configurations for the event. I had slightly less than a foggy notion what I was doing, but the required machinations became more obvious as the clock ticked away. By the time the thirty minutes had passed, I think I had it figured out and a quick question about that on the reflector this morning seemed to confirm that.

The gear used was the IC-7610 running fifty-watts into the CHA-MPAS Lite antenna in the vertical (17-foot) configuration. I have it staked into the backyard with a single wire counterpoise stretched across the lawn. It’s a modest portable setup that yielded great backyard results at our previous QTH and seems to be working well here too.

Around the actual Sprint I played a bit on the bands, to get a feel for what was going on, but also because it has been months since I spent a few hours on the air. That felt great! First station worked with this setup at the new house last night was HB9HSJ followed by several more Europeans. After that, and in short order, there was Martinique and the Virgin Islands, nothing rare or needed, but then ZP5DA and Paraguay was a new country on 12 meters digital for me.

It felt good to be back in the game then felt even better when I was on the receiving end of a micro-burst of activity from Japan around 2200. I worked one Japanese station and next I knew, I worked seven more with all of them calling me!

After that, I switched to CW and snagged a few more POTA park operators. When the evening was over I had added 60 stations to the log on what was a very good radio night.