It was dark, misty, and 48F when I headed out for my walk this morning. I cut short the usual two miles by a few minutes because I have some business with the BMV this morning and I hope to get there as soon as the doors open. Today’s forecast is supposed to be sunny with a high of 73F.

As close to perfect as it gets if you ask me.

Yesterday was a good radio day. I logged nearly a dozen POTA stations. Being retired helps. My focus with POTA has been on CW as it’s one of the activities other than sprints and contests where Morse is fairly abundant despite making up only a fraction of the total POTA activity. I think it’s safe to say that the Parks program has reinvigorated a large part of the hobby and its popularity continues to grow.

I was watching the screen last night around 0000 when I happened to work 3C3CA, Equatorial Guinea on 20 meters using FT4. The entity is number 127 on the Most Wanted list, but it was an all time new one for me and I was happy to get it in the log and I noticed it was confirmed via LoTW when I woke up this morning. (Yeah, I check that stuff as soon as I get up).

That bumped me to 149 worked and 143 confirmed in the DXCC quest.

It was also the 87th DXCC worked this year towards the DX Marathon. I’ve a long way to go to make up the ground lost with nearly four months off the air this year, but my radio activity has been picking up steam.

Now if I can just get in and out of the BMV quickly this morning I can get back to radio work!