I’ve been thinking long and hard about returning to Wordpress to manage my blog content. I haven’t been unhappy with Jekyll, the CMS I’ve used these last four or five years. But it seems its continued development has ground to a halt with only one software update over the last year, and that was a minor bug fix.

I was a WP user for many years prior to the Jekyll experience and was happy enough. I installed it tonight on my Web server which first required the installation of several other bits and pieces of software to glue it all together. It looks like it’s working properly at the moment, but I’ve had no time to test anything just yet. Once I’m able to perform some shakedown on the installation I will attempt to import the more than 300 posts from the old system to this shiny new one. Given that might take a few days I’ve left the previous content online, you can still view the archive here.

My affinity for Wordpress isn’t only due to familiarity with the interface, though that’s a plus. I’m also a fan of Matt Mullenweg and the way he has forged this open source project into the largest blogging platform on the planet. Plus, the opportunity to edit and add blog posts on a multitude of platforms and devices was also an important consideration.

The site will be under construction for several days. Feel free to leave a comment, it will help me test commenting and the built-in anti-spam features.