Making a little progress on day two of the migration to Wordpress. Still a lot to do as snags become apparent with more testing. I had to make a few changes to the web server configuration to allow rewrites for the changes I made to the permalink structure of posts. I did this to match the permalinks on the more than 300 posts that I will eventually try to move to Wordpress. If I run into too many problems with that task I’ll punt and leave the old archive in place. Still days away from beginning work on the look and feel. More construction dirt ahead.

I received a note from ARRL today that my Triple-Play WAS application was accepted and the plaque should be here soon.

The 18th annual ARRL Online Auction preview is now open. Bidding begins at 10 am EDT on Friday, October 13 and runs through 10 pm on Thursday, October 19. This year’s auction features an assortment of product review equipment, vintage books, the popular ARRL Lab “junk” boxes, and new donated ham radio gear. Proceeds from the annual Online Auction benefit ARRL education, licensing, and training programs.

The Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF), the only expedition funding organization specifically focused on IOTA expeditions, is ceasing operation.

There’s a new newsletter in the ARRL repertoire as of this week. The first issue of The NTS Letter was published on October 3, 2023. The NTS Letter is a monthly digest of all things related to the ARRL National Traffic System®. 

The ITU Handbook on Small Satellites is intended to promote the development of small satellites effectively and better serve the needs of the membership and the entire satellite industry. Free download.

The transmission of images via the SSTV protocol as part of the experiment “About Gagarin from Space” from the International Space Station is postponed to October 16-20, 2023 due to technical problems. SSTV images will be transmitted on 145.800 MHz using a Kenwood TM-D710 transceiver. They are expected to use the PD-120 SSTV format.