The October Weekend Sprintathon runs from 12:00 UTC October 14th through 23:59 UTC October 15th for a total of 36 hours.

The pages keep flying off the calendar and next thing you know it’s time for another SKCC Weekend Sprint. For me, this event is the mother of all straight key events. There is always enough participation to keep things hopping and it’s a good way to goose your numbers if you’re looking to advance your SKCC game.

Plus, it’s just nice to hear all that handcrafted Morse!

While I haven’t jumped into the fray for a few months, I plan to hit this one hard and see if I can move the needle. I can’t explain why I enjoy the SKCC yet still only have about a thousand such contacts in my log. I joined in 2006 but didn’t participate until 2013, but that’s still an entire decade… In my defense the thousand contacts logged got me SKCC WAS and Tribune. I could bump up to Senator, but I prefer the “T” and may never level-up again.

I believe in quality over quantity, but it’s time to rack up some numbers!

The October WES bonus (it changes monthly) is TKA (triple key roster). You score 5 bonus points for each SKCC - TKA station worked on each band. Only once per band please. Participating TKA stations should send “name/TKA”. You can find the list of TKA stations here: SKCC Triple Key Roster.

You can print the web page and use it as a check list.

Add a soapbox comment with a picture and claim yet another 100 extra bonus points! As always for your WES result submissions keep track of your QSO’s, SPC’s, and S/T/C’s as well. Please remember to submit your score, and brag about all the SKCC Members you have worked this weekend. See you in the sprint.

Founded in 2006, SKCC is the largest, fastest growing collection of radio enthusiasts makine Morse manually, using straight keys, cooties, and mechanical bugs. Life membership in the Straight Key Century Club is free. Sign-up, get your number, and jump in this weekend!