Sipping coffee and listening to the Treasure Coaster’s Net (7.153) this morning. 40 meters seems to be in pretty good shape at the moment with good signals all around. 52F with clear skies at the moment on our way up to 76F and a good looking day before storms roll in this evening. I skipped the morning walk today as I’m planning to do a lot of mowing this morning and hope to take a hike this afternoon.

I’m hopeful for a break in the weather this weekend, maybe on Sunday, to install a new wire antenna here. Nothing fancy, but the new push-up mast is set to arrive on Saturday and should make easy work for what I have planned. And with some luck, the weather will be mostly rain and not thunderstorms.

I haven’t done much more with the Wordpress migration, still switching back and forth between the content management systems as I look for bugs. Unfortunately, the big upset is going to be with the RSS feed. The feed address is going to change when I move to Wordpress and that will cause sites who syndicate my feed to go dark unless they pick up on that change.

Have a nice weekend, hope to see you in the SKCC Weekend Sprint!