I made a brief appearance in the SKCC Weekend Sprint as planned. I only made ten contacts before moving along, but it was fun to make Morse music again with a mechanical key. I hope to be back again next month, perhaps with a better showing. My score and soapbox can be found here.

Also planned is a deeper dive into a few other SKCC activities. I joined the group in 2007 which is why I have a fairly low number (3383T), but I didn’t jump into the fun until years later in 2013, and with the exception of the annual K3Y event, my participation has been somewhat spotty from then until now.

Sifting through the log I find plenty of opportunity for additional brass pounding action, particularly in the effort to migrate from Tribune to Senator. I already have the basic SKCC Worked All States award, but there are several Canadian Maple awards I wouldn’t mind having on my radio resume.