The popular seasonal pumpkin spice flavorings haven’t worn out their welcome just yet, but it’s getting close…

Cool again this morning (42F), but plenty comfortable for my morning walk. I went a different route today just to shake things up a little. It was a bit more scenic yet also a third of a mile shorter than usual so I’ll have to rack up a few more steps later today.

In the shack now sipping a 2nd cup of joe and riding along again with the Treasure Coasters. Having access to IRLP again though I’m forced to choose between the 40 meter net and The Morning Brew on the East Coast Reflector 9050. I’ve been switching between the two as both make for enjoyable listening while I try to catch up on email and the web site.

Larry W2LJ floated the notion that something new might be announced by Elecraft this weekend during Pacificon…

I’m a long-time subscriber to the Daily DX letter and in recent times that subscription has included a daily propagation report produced by Frank, W3LPL. The last few days his report has been prefaced with this:

“The best HF propagation in the last 20 years – especially on 12 and 10 meters – is likely to continue through at least midday Thursday October 19th”.

From the inbox, this note from Adafruit Industries:

We have restocked a product you asked to be notified about!

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 2 GB RAM

Please note! Due to a large number of bot-purchasers making it difficult for Makers and Engineers to order Raspberry Pi computers, we are now requiring a verified account with two-factor authentication enabled in order to purchase these products.

Hackaday: This Packable Ham Radio Antenna is Made From Nothing But Tape

83-year-old radio amateur Kenichi Horie JR3JJE is using ham radio during his solo journey across the Pacific in his yacht the Suntory Mermaid III.

The QRZ bio of VE3ETE includes an interesting historical mention. Bob wrote that he was born in England in 1943 and traveled to Canada with his mother a few years later on the RMS Acquitania, the third in Cunard Line’s grand trio of express liners, preceded by the RMS Mauretania and the RMS Lusitania, and was the last surviving four-funneled ocean liner.