I was in the shack enjoying a cheese sandwich and cup of coffee for lunch today. It’s been raining off and on all day. I had the radio on and was looking around for something different to do because, just between you and me, I’ve grown bored hunting POTA. Some of the pileups for those stations are nuts and I’m much too old and jaded to wrestle over yet another park contact in Ohio…

So I switched to 6 meters to see if there was any activity. I’ve been reading reports about occasional openings on the Magic Band so I thought I’d drop three CQs into the silence and move along.

It was surprising to see some activity and while it wasn’t a big band opening, it was steady. Every few minutes a new call sign would appear in the display. They were all northeast of me and some of them heard me while others didn’t. I ended up putting a small handful in the log. One was VY2JC in the Maritimes some 1150 miles distant.

Having a few things yet to do today I can’t stick around all afternoon, but call signs continue to scroll by on the screen as I write this quick update.