Speculation about a new portable transceiver became reality at Pacificon today when N6KR announced the Elecraft KH1 — a fully integrated, five-band, hand-held CW station for those who combine outdoor adventure with amateur radio.

Introducing the Elecraft KH1 Transceiver

I have no need for a new QRP transceiver, and ultra-portable operation isn’t a primary interest for me. But having been a happy Elecraft customer for more than two decades I don’t like to pass on these kinds of opportunities, so I placed an order for the kit and caboodle. The transceiver and all the options in a combo they call the “Edgewood Package”.

The whole amateur radio world has gone bonkers for FT modes and here is a small company in California rolling the dice that some significant number of amateur radio enthusiasts will want to purchase a device focused on CW.

Never bet against thinking different.