TAPR Mini DCC Announced

Not sure how I missed this (October 19) announcement from TAPR:

While TAPR was unable to hold its traditional Digital Communications Conference this year, there’s been a lot going on in the organization. To update members and to hold the annual TAPR membership meeting, we are happy to announce the 2023 Mini DCC to be held online on Saturday, December 9, from 1700 to 2230 UTC (1200 to 1730 EST, 0900 to 1430 PST).


I’m a long time member of the organization though I’ve been somewhat critical of it in recent times because of what feels like a lack of purpose. Despite being a paying member, if someone asked me to explain what TAPR does I would be unable to put it into words. Despite that misgiving, the line-up for the mini Digital Communications Conference is impressive and I look forward to it.

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